Our team is always happy to answer questions regarding margins, resolution, file size and photo selection.  Once you’ve decided to create your own GIK Acoustics ArtPanel, following is some helpful information.


1. You can provide us with YOUR artwork – a photo from your honeymoon, your kids at play or your favorite musical instrument – just be sure the file is 6″ x 9″ at 300 dpi and is a jpeg, gif, or tif file.

2. You can select artwork from many stock photo websites such as shutterstock.com, istockphoto.com, dreamstime.com or 123rf.com.  There are thousands of images to select from.  GIK Acoustics can purchase your chosen image and charge to your order; or you can purchase art files from a stock photography website and send to us.  And don’t worry, we would never reuse your artwork.

3. Contact our lead customer service rep, Christina Stone, at christina.s@gikacoustics.com or (404) 492-8364 to discuss file sizes and the best way to send your art to us.  We would hate to miss your order because email won’t accept the file size.

4. GIK Acoustics will coordinate with our graphic artist and will send a proof to you for approval.  Once the proof is approved, it usually takes 5 – 7 business days to print & manufacture an ArtPanel.


The artwork that you select will be printed large enough to not only cover the front of the panel, but the sides as well.  This is important to remember when choosing a design.  The fabric wraps around the frame of your ArtPanel, so roughly 4 – 6 inches on all sides will not be visible from the front.

Unfortunately, our Graphic Artist cannot ‘add’ a border around your image nor can we ‘stretch’ the edges to conform to this requirement.  So anything key to the image should not be on the edges.

EXAMPLE OF POOR IMAGE CHOICE:ArtPanel bad example of art wrap

EXAMPLE OF GOOD IMAGE CHOICE:ArtPanel good example of art wrap


When selecting an image, take note of the orientation and proportions. ArtPanels are usually rectangular (24″ x 48″), so a square image wouldn’t fit on a rectangular frame.  We are always happy to customize a panel to fit your specific art, so contact us if you need a custom panel.

 ArtPanel proportion example


Often customers want an image divided over two or three panels.  We can work with our graphic artist to accommodate.  Contact our lead customer service rep, Christina Stone, at christina.s@gikacoustics.com or (404) 492-8364 to discuss.

GIK Acoustics ArtPanels two sets

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