GIK Acoustics QRD Diffusor Blonde sq
GIK QRD Diffusor in StudioGIK Acoustics QRD on back wallGIK Acoustics QRD Diffusor Black sqOverture Audio's Studio C
Photo Credit: Larry Maciag, Fulcrum Design+Build, LLC.

GIK Acoustics QRD Diffusor


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Product Description

The GIK Acoustics QRD Diffusor is a 7-root diffusor design that begins scattering at approx 350 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up through 3 kHz. The QRD Diffusor offers additional scattering up to the upper limit of approximately 7 kHz.

Overture Audio's Studio C Photo Credit: Larry Maciag, Fulcrum Design+Build, LLC.

Overture Audio’s Studio C
Photo Credit: Larry Maciag, Fulcrum Design+Build, LLC.

Wrap all this performance in a package that offers a choice of 3 colors for the diffusor core (black, off-white or brown) and 4 different beautiful frame finishes (blonde, black, brown or cherry), and you have an unbeatable combination of looks and performance that will work well in any room. What could be better?!  All this and a reasonable price!

Check out the GIK Acoustics QRD Diffusor for your requirements before paying more for the same or less performance but without the great looks.


  • 7-root QRD diffusor design
  • The EPS inner core comes in three color options (other colors optional for a small upcharge)
  • Laminated wood frame for a professional, finished look. (Blonde is the standard, other finishes available for a small upcharge)
  • Designed to allow hanging in mirror imaged pairs to avoid lobing and comb filtering from repeating diffuser sequences
  • Quality construction that will work on walls or ceiling and last a lifetime.
  • Size: 19″ x 46″ (thickness is 6″)
  • Weight: 25 pounds

Available Colors: black, off-white or brown
Available Frames: blonde, black, brown or cherry wood finishes (add $20 each for black, brown or cherry)






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