GIK Acoustics Class A Fire Rating

Made in U.S.

Best Sellers


2″ Spot Panel

Acoustic Panel


244 Bass Trap



Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap


Acoustic Art Panels


Knauf Ecose Insulation (2 inch)


Soffit Bass Traps


Monster Bass Traps

Absorber / Diffuser

4A Alpha Series (4″)

Best Sellers


Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology

Tri-Trap © Corner Bass Trap

Starting at $162.00 each, sold in pairs

Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology

Soffit Bass Trap ©

Starting at $251.90 sold individually

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Product Review

Editors Choice Award

Hi-Fi Plus

The monthly publication considered one of the most influential for high-end audio and music publications.

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Product Reviews

Recording Magazine

Recording Magazine’s Paul Vnuk reviewed our Impression Series in the November 2017 issue.

AV Nirana Logo

AV Nirvana

In September, AV Nirvana’s Todd Anderson reviewed our 4A Alpha Series Panels.

Positive Feedback Logo

Positive Feedback

Read Gary Beard’s full review of our Impression Series on Positive Feedback.

Online Reviews

GIK Acoustics has received glowing reviews for over ten years. See some of them here.

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GIK Acoustics Rupert Neve quote

“Since installing GIK treatments, the sonic difference has been really astounding.”

Rupert Neve Designs HQ, Austin, TX

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GIK Acoustics Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer, Digital Domain Website

“The GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap was the perfect trap to reduce a resonance that I detected in studio B.”

Bob Katz, Mastering Engineer
Digital Domain Website

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Abbey Road Institute Main Entrance Luca Barassi, Managing Director of Abbey Road Institute.

“We are delighted to work with GIK Acoustics. Their products and expertise have allowed us to set up one of our studios very quickly and with great results. The wide selection of colours, sizes and modularity of their panels were a major factor in our decision to use GIK products.”

Luca Barassi, Managing Director of Abbey Road Institute.

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The GIK Difference

There’s a difference between a GIK Acoustics product and all others on the market.

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office issued utility patent US 9,091,060 for GIK’s unique, proprietary design of its acoustic absorbers. The patent covers the design and construction of GIK Acoustics’ 242 Acoustic Panels, 244 Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology, and Monster Bass Traps with FlexRange Technology.

In addition to our patent, we separate ourselves from other acoustic treatment manufacturers in 6 primary areas.