242 Acoustic Panel

Ideal in 2-channel listening rooms, recording studios, restaurants, reducing harsh reflections in hotel lobbies and conference rooms, home theaters, and sanctuaries, the 3.625″ thick and easily mountable 242 Acoustic Panels are an excellent choice for acoustically treating early reflection points, flutter echo, or general decay in a room. Our most versatile sound absorbing panels, the 242 acoustic panels are used to reduce noise in environments where sound clarity is important. See more information below.

Disclaimer: Color samples are digital representations and do not reflect texture or exact colors. GIK recommends requesting fabric samples from Guilford Of Maine before ordering upgrade fabrics.

Per Box Pricing

Size Price per panel Panels per box Price per box
24.1875″ x 48.25″ $64.99 3 $194.97
24″ x 36″ $61.00 3 $183.00
24” x 24” $39.50 4 $158.00
12” x 48” $52.50 4 $210.00


To provide customers with the best possible shipping value, the 242 Acoustic Panel is packaged in multiples. If you wish to order a different quantity, please contact us to determine shipping rates.

Colors Available and Upgrade Fabric Options
Boom Bracket Stands
Custom Metal Stands
Wood Panel Foot Kit
⋅ Ceiling Cloud Mounting Brackets©

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