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An acoustic Gobo is a movable acoustic isolation panel. In many common recording situations, our PIB (portable isolation booth), vocal screen, or acoustic Gobo panel can be used as a portable vocal booth to treat unwanted reverb or to isolate two or more musicians so they may play in the same room at the same time whilst being mic’d separately.


Vocal Booths and Gobos

FreeStand Acoustic Panel© (gobo)

$127 Per Panel (Sold in Pairs)

Vocal Booths and Gobos

FreeStand Bass Trap

Starting at $149

Vocal Booths and Gobos

PIB (Portable Isolation Booth)

Starting at $299.00

Vocal Booths and Gobos

Screen Panel


Acoustic Panels

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GIK Acoustics Screen panels in EIF Voiceover Lab

Improve Recording Quality

GIK Acoustics' screen panels, vocal booths, and Gobos are constructed with rigid fiberglass and absorb more low-end frequencies in a room as studio booths and acoustic booths. Our movable panels are a very cost effective way to turn a room into an undisturbed recording environment. Acoustic Gobos have a profile ranging from 2" - 4", which are perfect for isolating the subject from harsh reflections and reverb, especially when in a specifically small recording and listening environment.

Quality Materials

Crossbanded layers and balanced construction mean that hardwood plywood won't shrink, swell or warp as much as lumber. To finish our acoustic vocal booths and sound Gobo products, including the Portable Isolation Booth (PIB) - a portable vocal booth that compacts to half the size for instrument recording - we offer our standard 9 options to the full line of Guilford of Maine acoustic fabrics. The PIB has additional options for front plate designs that sit in front of the fabric choice, creating a piece of art in your room that can also serve as an absorber / diffuser! Our team of professional builders handcraft each movable panel to exacting standards, ensuring the most attractive, effective, and dependable products. The difference is our customers are secure in knowing they receive the very best made-to-order acoustic treatments available.