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Acoustic PanelsAcoustic PanelsWith thousands of acoustic panels, bass traps, and diffusors installed around the world and with locations in the U.S. and Europe, it is clear that GIK Acoustics is the #1 choice for recording studios, listening rooms, home theaters, restaurants, churches, and live auditoriums. GIK Acoustics not only provide the largest selection of high quality, eco-friendly products at affordable prices, but provide clients with a professional design and support staff to help you achieve a quality acoustic space.


GIK Acoustics Class A Fire Rating

GIK Acoustics is pleased to announce a Class A Fire Rating on all our standard fabric panels. Just another example how we continue to provide our clients with the safest most effective products available.
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GIK Acoustics uses PureBond® wood and sound absorption insulation with ECOSE® which is easy on air quality for your room, the environment, and your budget.

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Ecose Technology



Freestand Acoustic Panels

FreeStand Acoustic Panels© are ideal for treating multifunctional rooms and are easy to store when not in use.

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Positioning the Listening Spot

We are asked whether it’s better to face the long wall or the short wall.  In this video we examine why facing the short wall is the better option.

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Gianmarco Versiones 420_420

Three-time Latin Grammy Winner Gianmarco treated his studio with GIK Acoustics products. We asked him a few questions about his influences, his latest album and his studio set-up.

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Our patent pending FlexRange Technology – available on the 244 Bass Trap and Monster Bass Trap – provides the best in acoustical solutions with maximum low end control.

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