How to treat windows using acoustic treatments

Ben Mesick Alpha 2da series and studio bass traps

Should I treat windows with acoustic panels and bass traps?

Windows are a static feature of most rooms, and we’re often asked asked how to deal with windows when treating a room acoustically. First, let’s look into whether or not windows will affect the sound inside the room.

Effects of Windows

Windows as a surface don’t affect sound inside a room any differently than drywall, wood paneling, or bricks. The biggest issue with windows is if they are in a key treatment area, for example: near wall-to-wall corners where bass traps would be placed, or at reflection points where you would want to absorb early reflections. Having windows in those areas makes it more complicated to install or place panels. One simple solution is to use stands. 

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Noise Bleeding Into Room Through Windows

Outside noise can bleed in through windows and introduce unwanted sounds into the room. This is typically the main concern with windows, which is an entirely different problem than treating the sound within the room. This gets into the category of soundproofing. We do not build products for soundproofing, and as you will read in this article, the only means to truly mitigate outside noise is to integrate window sealant (like weatherstripping) or upgrade windows to a model that is intended to stopping sound.

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