Houses of Worship and Church Acoustics

Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, GA, has a beautiful state-of-the-art sanctuary which has been home to this historic congregation (established 1869) since the fall of 2004. But the pastor and deacons knew the on-stage praise band and choir were impeded by reverb and slap echo from the side walls. [Slap echoes are reflections that bounce back and forth between bare parallel walls.] So they called GIK Acoustics to create custom Spot Panels to treat both walls evenly, left and right, to provide a balanced sound field.

church acoustics sanctuary

Once the installation was complete, we received the following:
The Antioch-Lithonia Missionary Baptist Church was introduced to GIK Acoustics through our Worship Technology sound tech, Vaughn Geathers. We were very fortunate to bring them in and look at our edifice in order to give us the professional feedback on what we were aspiring to do in regards to the sound quality within our Worshiptorium.

After speaking with GIK Acoustics (Shelly Williams Kuras and Glenn Kuras), about what we were looking for and our needs, they were instructional in recommending what was needed, the look that would enrich our edifice, and recommending what was not needed. We like the fact that they were not the type of company to push costly items on us for sake of making more money.

We followed their recommendations for what was needed. They also recommended Ritz Interiors to install the acoustical panels and they did an excellent job! We can definitely say that the overall sound quality is good. My sound techs have noted a “before and after” difference. Some audience response has also been positive.

We are very pleased with the work of GIK Acoustics and Ritz Interiors.

Carolyn Leggett
Antioch-Lithonia Worship Technology
Department Head

absorption panels church acoustics
absorption panels church acoustics

absorption panels church acoustics

absorption panels church acoustics


Live sermons can be streamed every Sunday via uStream CLICK HERE.