GIK Acoustics Alpha Series Bass Traps absorber diffusor 2-Dimensional binary sequence PMC Studio
bass traps and cloud panels by GIK Acoustics in Lost Ark Studio Control panel
High End restaurant using GIK Acoustics Acoustic Panels to reduce noise in Restaurant and blends into the walls
GIK Acoustics Bass Trap

Acoustical Advice Form

Having trouble figuring out how to treat your room? Not sure what product would be best? Not sure of the set up of the product within your room?

Don’t worry, GIK Acoustics is here to guide you through it. Let one of our trained professionals give you the best acoustic advice for your room. Below is a form that is emailed directly to which will help us get all the information to give you the best advice. You may also email us directly at the email above or give us a call at (404) 492-8364.

Don’t worry, filling out this form will not lead to a high pressure sale or some telemarketer calling you at dinner time. We would never give out yourinfo to any another company.

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By submitting our form you agree to our terms of service. We reply to all emails within 1 businessday. If you do not hear back from us then we do apologize but there is a good chance our server is viewing your email as spam. If this does happen please contact us at (404) 492-8364.

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Acoustical Room Advice

Before completing the acoustical room advice form, take a look at the following layouts which will give you a few ideas on the best way to incorporate GIK Acoustics products into your room.

GIK Acoustics Room Setup

Scientific Approach

Our solutions are based on the science of acoustics and one of the key dynamics to our success lies in demystifyingsound dynamics and room acoustics. We are firm believers in education and our website is full of helpful articles.

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Acoustical Room Advice

This form will email us directly which will help us get all the information to give you the best advice. You may also visit our contact page. 

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