GIK Acoustics Facebook Group

We recently started a Facebook Group as an open forum for anything and everything regarding Room Acoustics, in particular the most popular topics: Absorption, Diffusion, and Soundproofing. Join in a discussion, ask questions, or just browse for topics that you are interested in. Here at GIK, we believe in the science of sound and demystifying room acoustics and how sound behaves within a space. Using the connective power of Facebook, learning and sharing has never been this accessible, easy, and fun!

Get Answers, Share Info, Be a Part of the Community!

Do you have questions about room acoustics, sound absorption, diffusion, or soundproofing?

We are excited to host a platform for anyone to ask questions, get answers, and share information and articles related to room acoustics and acoustic treatment.

Our aim is to provide advice and education about room acoustics.