Acoustic Art Panel FAQ

Our Acoustic Art Panels are made with the highest quality materials and transform the look and sound of a room. We’ve simplified the ordering process with our Art Panel Editor; but should you have questions, we have the answers.

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Sizes and Dimensions

Panels come in different sizes and thicknesses. See the price matrix for all of our standard sizes.

Custom sizes are available and a graphic design fee associated. Note: the fabric is 60” wide and we must allow for the printed fabric to wrap around the panel, so one dimension cannot exceed 55” max. Feel free to contact us at for assistance creating custom size panels.

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Size Acoustic Art Panels Prices
size 1″ 2″ 3.625″ 4″ 6″
1×1 $54.99 $54.99 x x x
1×1.5 $99 $99 x x x
1×2 $125 $125 x x x
1×4 $125 $125 $135 $170 $180
2×2 $125 $125 $135 $149 $170
2×3 $140 $140 $150 $187.5 $238
2×4 $199 $199 $225 $255 $267
3×3 $159 $159 $169 $179 $185
3×4 x $258 $378 $388 $398
4×4 x $368 $378 $388 x

From the Gallery

Search for an image that will fit the full size of the face of the panel.

Be Aware: Some images in the gallery may not completely cover the entire panel, so make sure there is no white space when you submit your design. 

Uploading Your Own

300 dpi (dots per inch) to size recommended, but we will accept down to 72 dpi to size.

When uploading your own image, you may encounter trouble making the image large enough to fit the entire front of the panel. The reason for this is because your image is simply not the right pixel size. We have created a chart at different DPI (dots per inch) and the number of pixels that are needed “to size.”‘

See the chart  to the right in order to find the largest side (inches) and what the corresponding pixels should be to at least cover the panel. 

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Size (ft) Largest Side (in.) Pixels (px)
size x @300 dpi @150 dpi @72 dpi
1’x1′ 12 3600×3600 1800×1800 864×864
1’x1.5′ 18 5400×3600 1800×2700 864×1296
1’x2′ 24 3600×7200 1800×3600 864×1728
1’x4′ 48 3600×14400 1800×7200 864×3456
2’x2′ 24 7200×7200 3600×3600 1728×1728
2’x3′ 36 3600×10800 3600×5400 1728×2592
2’x4′ 48 14400×7200 3600×7200 1728×3456
3’x3′ 36 10800×10800 5400×5400 2592×2592
3’x4′ 48 10800×14400 5400×7200 2952×3456
4’x4′ 48 14400×14400 7200×7200 3456×3456

Mirrored Sides

We don’t like your artwork to get lost on the thickness of our panels by being wrapped around the sides. We found that you lose too much of your image that way. So, in an effort to conserve as much of your image as possible, we are doing what many printers around the world offer: mirrored sides.

We can offer alternatives such as blurred colors at your request, but there will be a graphic design fee.

We want to make the process of buying an acoustic art panel easy, and after testing, we have found mirrored sides look best.

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