Fabric covered panels are available in our 15 standard, quality GIK Acoustics fabric options at no additional charge.


Guilford of Maine Acoustically Transparent Fabrics

Acoustic Panel Fabrics – the right amount of sound quality.  When it comes to acoustics, Guilford of Maine did their research. Their fabrics not only pack style, they’ve been tested, soundly. Going with proven performance takes the guesswork out of choosing the right fabrics for your project.

Guilford of Maine FR701 Upgrade

Upgrade the finish to Guilford of Maine options for a nominal charge per panel. You may select any of the following 9 stocked Guilford of Maine FR701 colors right off the web site for a nominal charge per panel or contact us for a quote on any of the other Guilford of Maine FR701, Anchorage or other fabrics.


From Guilford of Maine’s website:
We make life easy for designers. With our time-tested classics as a starting point, specifiers now have the freedom to open up. To be bold. And be rewarded for it. The best fabrics are made for the job. Made to serve. And we could talk about Wyzenbeeks, Martindales and dry crocking but we’d prefer our products do the talking for us. Especially in places like these… We’re 100% Healthcare. Want cleanability? Check. 100% Education. Looking for added strength? Check. And 100% Office. Want to stand up to double rubs? Check. Our products also happen to be easy on the environment. It’s all part of our focus on products that hold their own where you need them most.

True Textiles (parent company of Guilford of Maine) announced in December 2014 that the company received third-party assessment results for NSF/ANSI 336 on its first round of products with a majority of the Guilford of Maine open line collection certified as Silver or Compliant as well as the proprietary styles which are sold through their OEM and Jobber/Distributors customers.

NSF/ANSI 336 is a voluntary standard for commercial furnishings fabric that evaluates fabric over its entire lifecycle to address the environmental, economic and social aspects of fabrics for commercial furnishings. The standard was also adopted by the members of ACT (Association of Contract Textiles) as part of their Performance Guidelines.

The standard is a comprehensive assessment tool with specific measures for fabric manufacturers and their supply chain, assessing the environmental impacts of textile manufacturing based on fiber selection, safety of chemicals, water conservation, water (effluent) quality, energy usage, air quality, recycling practices, and social accountability. Products can achieve a Compliant, Silver, Gold or Platinum level certification.

See all Guilford of Maine FR701 colors here.

Here is a VERY HELPFUL article from Guilford of Maine regarding fabric selection and why you should never rely solely on the computer image.

Order a color swatch book with fabric samples for $15.00

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