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Diffusion is an excellent solution for comb filtering and slap echo which can cause problems hearing proper detail, vocal clarity and response cancellations. In addition, diffusion gives a sense of spaciousness to your music (or recording room) by addressing those issues without deadening it too much.

Diffusors work on the principle of modifying the location and movement of sound in the space in relation to itself and other frequencies. Well-type QRD’s (Quadratic Residue Diffusors) modify the location of various waves in relation to the room through the use of “wells” with different depths.

Often diffusors are either so shallow that they’re ineffective on mid and lower frequencies, employ random shapes that result in uneven scattering or they’re so expensive that they’re not a viable solution. Some are also just plain ugly. GIK Acoustics comes to the rescue again with our attractive line of diffusion products.

The following files are audio recordings in a room treated with GIK Acoustics products vs. the same room untreated.
Click HERE for the untreated room.
Click HERE for the room treated with GIK Acoustics products.

For more information on diffusion and diffusors, read our article How Diffusion Works.

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