4A Alpha Series Bass Trap Diffusor / Absorber (4″)

Starting at $79.00

Control High Frequency Chaos

23″ x 23″ sold 4 per box ($79.00 each) total $316.00.
23″ x 45.5″ sold 2 per box ($123.00 each) total $246.00

View Fabric Colors and Upgrade Fabric Options

We ship by the box to give you the best value. 4A Alpha Panels are packaged in multiples. If you wish to order a different quantity, please contact us to determine shipping rates.

Disclaimer: Color samples are digital representations and do not reflect texture or exact colors. GIK recommends requesting fabric samples from Guilford Of Maine before ordering upgrade fabrics.

⋅ Colors Available and Upgrade Fabric Options
⋅ Wood Panel Foot Kit
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