SAG Foundation LogoThe Entertainment Industry Foundation Voiceover Lab, or EIF Voiceover Lab, of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation, located in the Actors Center – New York, is a state-of-the-art recording facility that brings together the professionalism and quality of a commercial recording studio and the innovation and educational focus of a classroom environment.

At the EIF Voiceover Lab, voice actors can record voice tracks on demo reels, learn how to use the latest audio recording software, train with top voiceover instructors, gather with peers to network and more.

GIK Acoustics donated a few Screen Panels to the non-profit.

GIK Screen Panels in the EIF Voiceover Lab
GIK Screen Panels in the EIF Voiceover Lab

GIK: So tell us about the EIF Voiceover Lab. How did the lab get its start and what services do you offer to the SAG-AFTRA community?

The EIF Voiceover Lab is a modern recording facility that emulates the professional commercial recording standard and the home studio setting with its two recording booths. Members of the SAG-AFTRA and Actors’ Equity unions in good standing are eligible to utilize the facility. The Lab was modeled after the Don LaFontaine Voice-over Lab at the Los Angeles branch of the SAG Foundation, and shares the same generous spirit and vision for its users and the greater Voiceover community.

GIK: Tell us how you’re using the GIK Acoustics Screen Panels and the impact they’ve made on the EIF Voiceover Lab.

SAG EIF Voiceover Lab GIK Screen PanelThe GIK Acoustics Screen Panels have been an essential addition to the Lab’s toolkit and sonic character. Prior to the addition of the screen panels, our large live recording room, which we call the Main Booth, was having challenges obtaining a dry and tight recording source that is common during recording in commercial studios, even with the use of hyper-cardioid shotgun microphones. Our room sounded too large on the recording, particularly audible when recording for Audiobooks, as there is no music and effects to mask the reverberation. GIK’s screen panels allowed us to section off a smaller recording area within the Main Booth to achieve our desired sound with fantastic results.

GIK: How does over all sound control play a roll in achieving professional results?

Our users and community submit their recorded pieces to agents, casting directors, and clients who will use this audio in their final products. Without good sound control, we are not able to meet the expectations the consumer, who is the ultimate listener of our recordings, has for clean and clear speech. Without clarity, the message of the recording is lost upon the listener, and we have failed to communicate with them. To produce consistent and clear communication through audio, we need sound control to ensure our users’ voices sound as best as can be.

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