On Air Mastering is a mastering house located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, catering to independent musicians and record labels that want the highest quality mastering possible.

Featuring Legendary Audio’s Masterpiece, conceived by Billy Stull and designed by Rupert Neve, On Air Mastering offers the best service and quality for musicians that want the best, at a very affordable price. Musicians are always on the lookout for facilities that enhance, give depth, and make their music go to the highest level, make it sound professional and ready to be put out to the world.  On Air Mastering fulfills that need.

Founder Julian Silva says, “It’s been very interesting to have artists over at the studio and hear their comments on the mastering process, and see them leave very happy and satisfied with a good product. Also of note is the fact that they commend the look of the studio (since it’s all red). The panels I got from GIK Acoustics come in red too, which was a plus. Installation was very easy, and as soon as I got them up, one by one, I was hearing their effect on the acoustics. They make you focus on what’s really important, without making the room too dead. Clients also get a new perspective on how much acoustic treatment and good monitoring affects what they hear. I had Raj Patel, from Arup, an acoustic consultants firm, have a look and measure the room and the results were very satisfactory! This is one aspect of having a music-making room, be it recording, mixing, composing or mastering, that you cannot skimp on money.

Here at On Air Mastering, I help artists that do everything themselves achieve better mixes, and create a relationship that is mutually beneficial: they learn how to mix and I got better mixes so I can be creative with the mastering, instead of trying to fix problems that can be prevented in the mix process. Another cool thing that I really love to do is the spacing. I always try to do it with the artist in the room, and we do it by feel, especially when you need a long space between songs, those are my favorite.

Actually, the one thing I tell my clients is: acoustics, acoustics, acoustics!”

On Air Mastering
231 Norman Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

GIK Acoustics in On Air Mastering Studio

On Air Mastering Studio

244 Bass Traps in On Air Mastering Studio