Tiny Thunder Audio has been completely renovated.
Owner Serge Espita recently made the switch from recording to mixing and mastering, so he set up a new room and treated it exclusively with GIK products.

GIK: Why the change from recording to mixing and mastering?
SE: You know, that’s a good question! I feel like I just made a natural progression to that type of work. After focusing exclusively in recording, I got to a point where the work started to get a little bit tedious. I guess I just felt like I needed a change. What I like the most about my current workflow is that every day is different, I could be working on a hip-hop record in the morning and a rock band in the afternoon. It’s a lot of fun!

GIK: What did you do with all your old gear? ?
SE: It was all a big swap. I basically sold all the recording equipment and used the profits to set up a room equipped with all the tools for critical listening. The main idea was to get really good monitors and conversion. As time went by, I just added all the pieces I thought would be necessary to deliver a high quality sounding record. I always think I’m done but you know how it goes… Always looking for something else to add to the room.

GIK: When renovating your space, what were you looking to alter about the sound of the room? What were your acoustical goals, so to speak?
SE: I knew I needed a smaller footprint. My current room is very cozy, it’s literally big enough for everything I need. I’ve always enjoyed a livelier sound but this time around I wanted a more controlled frequency response. The room has a big window that projects a lot of energy so proper absorption was really important to me. I used GIK’s 244 Bass Traps on the side walls in an inverted pattern to help with side and window reflections. I also wanted more distance between my desk and speakers in order to have the “sweet spot dialed in just right. I was able to do this by using Tri-Traps for corner absoprtion. There are two Monster Bass Traps installed on the ceiling as “clouds” and as well as a couple 242 Acoustic Panels mounted on strategic points for fine tuning. The result has been amazing. I still have a lively response but everything is very controlled and detailed. The best part of the process is that the panels are so easy to move around!

ABOUT Tiny Thunder Audio

Specializing in online mixing and mastering services, Tiny Thunder Audio is the embodiment of the modern mixing & mastering suite. I believe that everyone that is serious about their craft should have access to professional audio services regardless of their budget or physical location. With that in mind, I have opted to open my doors to musicians, producers and record labels from all over the world by offering online services exclusively.


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Tiny Thunder Audio is a full service analog and digital recording studio located in Brooklyn, New York. “Small in size but big on sound,” Tiny Thunder is equipped to manage any type of session, from basic tracking to mixing and every stage in between.

Recently Tiny Thunder added a slew of GIK Acoustics products to their studio including 242 Acoustic Panels, 244 Bass Traps, Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps, GridFusors and Monster Bass Traps.

Serge Espita, Owner/Chief Engineer raves, “I absolutely love the panels, they have really shaped and defined the sound of the rooms, especially the control room. The panels are very light and easy to install, they also make the room “pop” visually. In all honesty I could not be happier with the results I’ve accomplished  by implementing GIK in the studio. The control room has 6 242 panels installed on the ceiling and 4 tri-traps in the corners of the main wall. The back wall has 2 monster bass traps combined with 2 QRD  diffusors and the side walls have a total of 3 244 bass traps for absorption. The live room has 8 grid-fusors on the ceiling for maximum diffusion. The grid-fusors have improved the sound of the room by making it sound bigger and more spacious! I also have 2 tri-traps and 4 244 bass traps mounted on stands so that they can be moved around for specific placement during sessions.”

Tiny Thunder Audio is the embodiment of the modern recording studio. We pride ourselves in offering our clients a no-nonsense approach to making a record by eliminating much of the overhead that traditionally raises the cost of studio time (high rent, over-the-top equipment that won’t be used on most projects and the maintenance fees that go with them). Instead, we’ve set up shop in a warehouse-turned artist community in Brooklyn, and optimized our recording space by loading it with a combination of vintage and cutting edge analog and digital equipment. We have done this with one purpose in mind: to give you all the necessary tools to make a great-sounding record that won’t need to be financed by a bank! From tube microphones to MIDI and digital effects, every piece of equipment has been carefully selected to be an integral part of our setup, and even better, all of it is at your disposal at no extra cost. Though our work spans all genres, we have a soft spot for Rock n’ Roll, so we have put together an incredible selection of guitars, pedals and amplifiers. For you, this means that the days of hauling that big Marshall stack are over! All you need to do is show up and plug in. Why? We believe that working in a studio should be an easy and stress-free experience that will allow you to unleash your creative potential into the thing that you (and we) value the most: your music.

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Serge Espitia is an experienced, versatile music business professional. Originally from Mexico City, Serge spent several years working as an attorney before pursuing his lifetime dream of becoming an audio engineer and music producer. After receiving an Audio Production Certificate from Boston University’s Center for Digital Imaging Arts, Serge spent a number years working for prominent recording studios and music licensing companies in both Boston and New York. Serge has recently expanded his independent portfolio, while providing audio production and management services to talented artists from around the world. Serge’s diverse background, creative ear and outgoing demeanor allow him to provide clients with high caliber recordings and practical advice in a fun, relaxed setting.