GIK Acoustics always provides customers with free Acoustic Advice on our products, placement and general room setup. If you’re looking for help incorporating GIK Acoustics products into your room, please complete our Acoustic Advice form.

For clients who are seeking acoustic advice in the design of a new room or for those do-it-yourselfers who prefer to build their own treatments, GIK Acoustics offers custom acoustic design & consulting services. Our team of experts is available to guide you through the process or help you when you’re stuck. We can make recommendations for:

  • Room construction
  • Help with isolation
  • Design DIY treatments
  • Sourcing the right absorption materials
  • Room setup
  • Choosing studio furniture (desk/racks) that is less harmful to room acoustics
  • More detailed general room designs (reflection mapping, calculated decay time analysis, etc.)

We understand that each project is different so our consulting rates vary project-to-project. The standard hourly rate is $100/hr for phone and email consulting. However, the information you supply on the following form will help us determine the rate and the approximate time needed to assist with your project.

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