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If you’re looking for a package that addresses room acoustic issues and fits within your budget, GIK Acoustics offers Room Kits that take the guess work out of the process. Below are a few kits that will help you get started, yet still give you the flexibility to add more GIK Acoustics products in the future.

All GIK Acoustics panels are manufactured with only the highest quality materials with a unique two-part framing system that maximizes bass trapping performance, gives a professional look and makes mounting extremely easy. GIK Acoustics products are durable to stand the test of time. Panels come with a wire in the back and can be mounted like a picture frame.

Kits can be purchased with all panels in the same color and fabric or can be mixed and match to fit your decor. Please contact us if you would like to order in multiple colors/fabrics.

The following files are audio recordings in a room treated with GIK Acoustics products vs. the same room untreated.
Click HERE for the untreated room.
Click HERE for the room treated with GIK Acoustics products.

Click here to view the Room Kit product video.