Product Videos

This series of product videos was designed to provide information for the full line of GIK Acoustics products.  Descriptions of size, color options, construction and placement are presented in each video.  All GIK Acoustics products employ ECOSE technology which is easy on air quality for your room, the environment, and your budget.

At GIK Acoustics, we offer quality, Eco-friendly products and provide our customers with custom acoustical advice. We take a holistic approach in helping customers understand the acoustical issues in their space and then present a practical approach to addressing the issues.

If you have questions or would like assistance in selecting the proper treatments or help with the placement of acoustic treatments in your room, contact us HERE for free Acoustical Room Advice.

Alpha Wood Series 4A Alpha Panel

244 Bass Trap Product Video

Monster Bass Trap Product Video

Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap© Product Video


Soffit Bass Trap© Product Video

Scopus Tuned Bass Trap Product Video

ArtPanel Product Video

Screen Panel Product Video

Scatter Plate Product Video

GIK Acoustics Room Kits Product Video

GIK Acoustics 242 Acoustic Panel Product Video

Mounting GIK Acoustics Products in Corners

A Day at GIK Acoustics