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GIK Acoustics Q7d Diffusor


New Brown & Black Color Options

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Product Description

The Q7d Diffusor is made using high quality wood laminates which are cut using CNC machines allowing for extremely tight and repeatable tolerances for an excellent fit and finish at an extremely competitive price.

Von Schweikert & GIK enjoythemusicThe Q7d Diffusor is a 7-root well diffusor design that begins scattering at approx 350 Hz and offers effective and even diffusion up through 3 kHz. The Q7d Diffusor offers additional scattering to the upper limit of approximately 7 kHz.  It is also built to be hung in mirror imaged pairs to cover a larger area without repeating the well pattern to avoid lobing.

The Q7d Diffusor offers a wide variety of placement options from rear wall, reflection points, or behind dipole / bipole speakers to address specific situations. It can also be used in more general places to minimize slap echo.

GIK Acoustics Q7d optionsThe Q7d Diffusor looks as good as it performs and is available in three finishes: blonde, brown and black. It is equally at home in a home studio or listening room as it is in a professional studio, editing room or auditorium – both in terms of looks and performance. The beautiful wood veneer options add the feeling of warmth and class to any room.


  • All wood, 7-root well diffusor
  • Available in blonde, brown or black veneer
  • Size: 19″ x 46″ (thickness is 6″)
  • Weight: 35 pounds
Marsh Mastering Studio

Marsh Mastering Studio

GIK Q7d in listening room



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