Evolution PolyFusor© Diffusor / Absorber

$270.00 per pair ($135.00 each)

Now available with black, white or new Blonde WOOD caps

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The Evolution PolyFusor© is packaged in pairs. If you wish to order a quantity that is not in multiples of two, please contact us.

Poly Diffusor

New Product logoThe GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor© is a combination of a polycylindrical diffusor and an absorber merged into a single unit. Polycylindrical diffusors, or polyfusors, are known for their excellent dispersion characteristics over a very wide range. The curved front plate allows for virtually perfect spatial diffusion, while letting lower frequency waves pass through to the cavity of absorption behind.


Bonzi Recording Studio
Bonzi Recording Studio

The Evolution PolyFusor© is an attractive choice for a room where mid and high frequency chaos needs to be controlled but not removed. In a control room, the Evolution PolyFusor© can be used on the front and back walls, and rear sidewalls to keep the reverberation better mixed. In home theater and two-channel audio rooms, the Evolution PolyFusor© can be utilized on the rear or sidewalls, or behind dipole speakers, to round off sharp reflections. The Evolution PolyFusor© is also right at home anywhere in a tracking room or other large spaces, helping spread out the energy evenly across the whole room. Similar to our bass traps, the Evolution PolyFusor© can be used in corners for enhanced low frequency absorption.

The Evolution PolyFusor© smoothly transitions as a bass trap from 80Hz, to upper-bass/lower-mid scattering device, to diffusor. Starts diffusing at 600Hz.

The Evolution PolyFusor© provides a great mix of absorption and diffusion capabilities. Polyfusors offer a wider band of spatial diffusion than a typical quadratic residue diffusor, but do not affect the phase of the incident sound. Thus the Evolution PolyFusor© is best suited to spreading mid and high frequencies out in a room.

Evolution PolyFusor with wood topThe Evolution PolyFusor© is constructed with a rigid base frame and curved front plate, and filled with absorption material. We wrap the unit up in your choice of fabric, and level off the top and bottom with black, white or new WOOD caps for a clean finish.

For more information on using diffusion, read our article “Diffusion is a Wonderful Tool” by Jeff Hedback.

Marsh Mastering Console 2016
Marsh Mastering Console 2016

GIK Acoustics Evolution PolyFusor©

Wall A-Mount Test Results
Wall A-Mount Test Results

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Corner J-Mount Test Results
Corner J-Mount Test Results

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As part of their internationally renowned acoustics measurement facility, the University of Salford’s Acoustic Test & Calibration Laboratory provides an independent, service for acoustic consultancies, local authorities, construction, product design and other acoustic-related industries. See their UKAS scope here for Calibration and Testing.
Evolution PolyFusors are available in our 9 standard, quality GIK Acoustics fabric options at no additional charge. Upgrade the finish to Guilford of Maine fabric choices for an additional $15 per panel.


You may select any of the following 9 stocked Guilford of Maine colors right off the web site for an additional $15 per panel or contact us for a quote on any of the other Guilford of Maine FR701, Anchorage or other fabrics.


Standard 9 GOM FR701

See all Guilford of Maine FR701 colors here.   Order a color swatch book with fabric samples for $15.00
The Evolution PolyFusor can be wall mounted, free standing or stacked.

Each Evolution PolyFusor comes with a pair of 2.5" sawtooth hanger and 1.625" nails to affix the hangers to the frame.

sawtooth hanger
There's a difference between a GIK Acoustics product and all others on the market.  We separate ourselves from other acoustic treatment manufacturers in 6 primary areas.


GIK Acoustics Bright White and Off White sqGIK Acoustics products are beyond simple do-it-yourself panels that are found on the market today. We start with only the highest-quality materials that will not sag or leak over time, then we build every panel by hand employing a unique two-frame system. Unlike other companies who use inexpensive materials, GIK Acoustics panels are crafted with quality insulation material, fabrics and hardwood plywoods.  We start with absorptive insulation material that is intended for room acoustics - not cheap mineral wool whose main purpose is to insulate a ship's engine room. We then use carefully selected hardwood plywoods - not cheap imports - to construct our frames.  The difference and chief advantage is dimensional stability.  Crossbanded layers and balanced construction mean that hardwood plywood won't shrink, swell or warp as much as lumber.  To finish our panels we offer an array of fine fabrics - from our standard 9 options to the full line of Guilford of Maine panel fabrics. Our team of professional builders handcraft each acoustic panel, bass trap and diffusor to exacting standards ensuring the most attractive, effective and dependable products.  The difference is our customers are secure in knowing they receive the very best made-to-order acoustic treatments available.


The GIK DifferenceDollar for dollar, GIK Acoustics' products absorb more sabins (sound) than any other product on the market. We provide our customers the most cost effective solution to make every space sound it's best. GIK Acoustics Panels are tested and certified by the Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (RAL) to provide the most accurate information on the results you can expect when you purchase our products. Our exceptional cost-to-benefit ratio means our customers do not over-buy or over-treat a room to get results.


The GIK DifferenceCustomer satisfaction is our number one priority at GIK Acoustics. We start by helping customers determine the best products to treat their space with our free, expert Acoustic Advice.  Our well-respected design team has years of experience and are available to provide assistance not only with product selection but product placement within your room. In addition to providing knowledgeable recommendations, GIK Acoustics maintains contact throughout the order process. Our trained Customer Service team ensures quality, timely delivery and reliability.  And our staff is available to help with special needs or custom orders. The GIK Acoustics difference is we assist with everything from product inquiries to custom orders to delivery notifications to satisfaction follow ups. We guarantee it.


Bass Traps & Low FrequenciesWhen it comes to improving the sound quality in a room, many find the science to be overwhelming and the task of DIY'ing acoustic treatments to be daunting. As part of our commitment to our customers, GIK Acoustics provides Educational Articles and Videos to demystify room acoustics. It's long been our goal to help customers truly understand how sound behaves in a space and the importance and benefits of proper room treatment.


GIK FRT Logo 270Over the past 10 years, GIK Acoustics has pioneered a number of acoustic treatments that you can't find anywhere else. From the Tri-Trap Corner Bass Trap© to our Soffit Bass Trap© to the built in Scatter Plate, GIK continues to innovate. After a year of research & development, we introduced FlexRange Technology - our unique, patent pending system for providing the best in bass trapping and low end absorption.


Greensafe GIK AcousticsIt's our commitment to use environmentally safe materials for all our products.  We use ECOSE absorption material, eco-friendly wood and we offer customers recycled fabric options as well. Greensafe means GIK Acoustics products are friendlier on air quality, the environment, and your budget.