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Need acoustic treatment, but looking for something with an extra touch of class? Need something that performs like the rest of our top-notch panels but makes a decorative statement to improve your W.A.F. (Wife Acceptance Factor) or to impress your clients? We’ve got just the thing for you – the GIK Acoustics ArtPanel.

Professionally constructed with a thin 2” profile and a frame that is custom-sized to fit your artwork, the ArtPanel blends with existing décor making it the perfect option for restaurants, home theaters and recording studios. You can provide your own art or select from thousands of choices at istockphoto.com or Shutterstock.

The following files are audio recordings in a room treated with GIK Acoustics products vs. the same room untreated.
Click HERE for the untreated room.
Click HERE for the room treated with GIK Acoustics products.