Do It Yourself Bass Trap and Acoustic Panel Frames


24″ x 48″ x 4″ $26.00 per frame

For our Canadian customers, please contact us for a shipping quote.

For those who prefer the Do-It-Yourself route or those who wish to cover a large surface but lack the necessary building tools, space, or prowess for cutting lumber; we have the solution.

GIK Acoustics 4in DIY Frame assembled

Professional DIY Frames for bass traps and acoustic panels

Each frame is precisely machine-made at GIK’s factory in Atlanta using quality MDF. We incorporate a unique vented design that provides better sound absorption by allowing more sound energy to pass through the frame and into the absorptive material. Frame corners have pre-drilled countersunk pilot holes and come with the appropriate lumber screw. We also include pre-cut pieces for corners to support the absorptive material and hold it in place. Our DIY frames are a cost effective solution that can be assembled in minutes!

The vented design of our DIY Frames is not the same patented two-frame design of our 242 Acoustic Panels, 244 Bass Traps, and Monster Bass Traps.

Assembled, the 4″ Frame will be 24″ x 48″ (outside dimensions). Fiberboard insulation may need to be trimmed to fit inside frame.

GIK Acoustics 4in DIY Frame corner detail

To build your own acoustic panels using these frames:

  • Assemble the frame using the screws provided. Screwdriver or drill required.
  • Attach corner pieces to the back of the frame with nails (included) which will hold the absorptive material in place. (hammer required)
  • Choose enough absorptive material to fill frames. We offer both Owens Corning and Knauf Ecose. Fiberboard insulation may need to be trimmed to fit inside frame.
  • Wrap the frame using your own fabric or choose from the full line of Guilford of Maine fabrics
  • Mount on the wall using sawtooth hanger or picture wire. NOTE: these are not provided but can be purchased from any local hardware store.

Take the hassle out of getting started: no cutting (except possibly trimming the absorption material), no power tools required. Our DIY frames are delivered to your door via affordable, quick shipping.

DIY Frame backside detail
DIY Frame backside detail

We've created detailed Assembly Instructions.

Click here for DIY Frame Instructions

GIK DIY Frame Assembly