GIK GridFusor in Ceiling
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GIK Acoustics GridFusor©


$49.99 each (sold 4 per box $199.96)
To provide our customers with the best possible value, the GIK GridFusor© is packaged four to a box. If you wish to order a quantity that is not in multiples of four, please contact us to determine shipping rates.

Product Description

Ceiling reflection points and ceilings in general are excellent places for diffusion. If, however, you have a drop tile ceiling, it’s difficult to hang anything from it. Drop ceilings can also provide a bit too much upper-, mid- and high-frequency absorption. We have a solution for you: the GIK Acoustics GridFusor©.

The GridFusor© is specially designed to be a direct drop in replacement for any standard 2′ x 2′ ceiling tile.  Two GridFusors© will also easily fit into a standard 4′ x 4′ grid opening.  The GridFusor© is made from EPS (expanded polystyrene) so it’s light enough easily mountable on walls, ceilings, etc. without the use of damaging adhesives or massive mounting holes while still providing excellent diffusion characteristics.

Incorporating a mirror-imaged pair of 13-root diffusors, the GridFusor© provides excellent diffusion from 600 Hz to 5,000 Hz and additional scattering below and above the diffusion range. The GridFusor© is light enough that no additional support is required for your existing ceiling grid and it’s light enough that insulation above can still provide broadband bass control.

If your room is a bit too dry due to carpeted floors and acoustic tile ceilings, the GridFusor© is a perfect solution. Stop having your hands tied when it comes to dealing with room acoustics where a drop tile ceiling is required.

Although the GridFusor© is designed to work in a drop ceiling situation, it can also be used other places in your room as required. It is easily mounted with adhesive, double sided tape, or even pins depending on your situation and desired permanence.

Green Studios utilizes GridFusors

Green Studios utilizes GridFusors


  • Thirteen-root QRD diffusor design
  • Easily paintable (water-based paint only). Painting will have no impact on diffusion characteristics.
  • Square shape allows for easy orientation changes to scatter in multiple axis.
  • Easy to install




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